TripAdvisor Reviews of our Birdfeeders and Birdbaths


Reviews on TripAdvisor!…of the B&B (Bird & Beakfest) at Peasant Run:

“I love it! The tabasco-bacon grease suet with grape nuts is spot on!” – Jay
“Even on the coldest days, the water is always, always, in the liquid phase! Nothing worse than busting your beak trying to get a drink.” – Robin
“The mockingbird gets a little pushy at times, but she’s easy enough to distract, especially if there are two of you.” – Carolina

“The crows can be a little pushy, but they warn you when there’s a hawk or @)($*^&@$# cat in the area.” – Downy
“Yesterday, we had crunchy gluten-free crackers and real tabasco sauce in our suet. Nice touch.” – Tufty
“The nectar is great! Sweet, with notes of cane sugar.” – Hummy
“If you perch by the window and stare inside, you might get the human to come out and refill the feeders. But only if the white car is in the driveway.” – Chicky dee-dee



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